Capture All the URLs: First Steps in Web Archiving

Alexis Antracoli, Steven Duckworth, Judith Silva, Kristen Yarmey


As higher education embraces new technologies, university activities—including teaching, learning, and research—increasingly take place on university websites, on university-related social media pages, and elsewhere on the open Web. Despite perceptions that “once it’s on the Web, it’s there forever,” this dynamic digital content is highly vulnerable to degradation and loss. In order to preserve and provide enduring access to this complex body of university records, archivists and librarians must rise to the challenge of Web archiving. As digital archivists at our respective institutions, the authors introduce the concept of Web archiving and articulate its importance in higher education. We provide our institutions’ rationale for selecting subscription service Archive-It as a preservation tool, outline the progress of our institutional Web archiving initiatives, and share lessons learned, from unexpected stumbling blocks to strategies for raising funds and support from campus stakeholders.

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